Welcome to Thornton Little Athletics 

What makes our Club So Great

Our club always strives to bring too little athletics:

  • Fun,
  • Family orientated,
  • Encouraging atmosphere

Yes. Athletics can be competitive when you crave the thrill of competition. Therefore, as a club will always do everything we can for those children who seek to compete at the highest levels as many of our previous athletes have done already.

Although our prime focus will always be

  • making athletics fun for every child that attends whilst encouraging (not forcing). 
  • All children to give their personal best no matter what level of natural ability they may or may not have.

We accept that children will cross the line first or throw the furthest and thereby finish in 1st place, 2nd place … etc.  At Thornton little athletics club - being a true winner, is not just crossing the line first or jumping the furthest.

It’s about trying….

  • The effort you put in.
  • The willingness to learn.
  • The respect and encouragement we show to others who finish after you. When you act poorly because you didn’t finish where you wish then that is also no winner.

So come along and be amongst friends, have fun and look forward to achieving your dreams!