Parent Help


For the past couple of seasons we have been using a photo finish timing system which has meant parents have not had to do time keeping duties and have been able to either take on the roll of age group manager or watch their children compete.

In the event the photo finish system malfunctions up to eight (8) parents will be required conduct time keeping duties for track events.

The Chief Timekeeper (Committee member) should attend to these duties:

  • Issue each timekeeper with a stopwatch in working order and make sure they are familiar with operating and reading the watch.
  • Control the transceiver or other means of communication with the starter.
  • Ensure that all timekeepers and judges are in position and ready, before notifying the starter that the event may proceed.
  • All timekeepers must start the watch at the instant the smoke or flash of the gun is seen - NOT when the sound of the explosion is heard.



It would be greatly appreciated if Age Group Managers are able to take the same group each week as the athletes become familiar with their group manager and this ensures the smooth running of competition nights and makes the night more enjoyable for everyone. If this is not possible perhaps two or three parents might like to rotate the role.The age group manager shall be responsible for:

  • The conduct of the members of their age group. ‘Where any athlete disrupts other athletes, the Age Group Manager shall in the first instance seek the assistance of the parent or guardian and, in their absence, or if the disruption continues, bring the matter to the attention of a Committee member.
  • The Committee member will assist the Age Group Manager to resolve the issue. Should further disruption occur, the Age Group Manager is to advise the Centre President who is then to report to the next Committee meeting for review and to settle on an appropriate course of action.
  • The accuracy of the results for their group. Ensure that a committee member checks and witnesses a result if a performance equals or betters an existing centre record in order to validate the record.
  • Checking attendance of group members and recording on attendance sheet.

The Age Group Manager is also responsible for their group competing in the following events - Long jump and Triple Jump, Shot Put and Discus, and High Jump.

The Age Group Manager must act as the official if no official is present at the event. It is a good idea to enlist the help of other parents to act as officials whose role it is to assist age group managers in marking and recording of events and in ensuring the safety of the athletes within the age group.



Before competition begins, the officials should make sure that the sand pit is free of any objects and that the pit is level with the run up.

When the sand is very dry, it is advisable to dampen the sand to make it easier to judge the exact break made by the athlete.

  • The duties of the relevant officials are:
    • Two officials to manipulate the measuring tape and ensure that the jump is legal.
    • One official to rake the sand after each jump.
    • After a successful jump has been completed, one official selects the break in the sand made by any part of the athlete’s body which is closest to the take-off board or mat and marks it with a steel spike or similar object.
    • A second official reads the measurement and records the performance.
    • As soon as the measuring is complete, the first official rakes the sand the next competitor is called to make a jump.
    • Three rounds of trials are conducted, with athletes competing in the same order in each round.


Make sure that all equipment is safe for use before each competitor jumps. Sufficient bags must be available to prevent an athlete falling between the bags and striking the ground.

At regular intervals the landing area must be checked. The platforms which support the cross bar, should face the opposite uprights so that the bar may fall either forwards or backwards if touched by a competitor.

  • The duties of the relevant officials are:
    • Two officials to replace the bar.
    • One official to record results


Prior to the event, officials must ensure that all competitors are well behind the throwing circle. Only when it is their turn, may competitors approach the circle.

The specific duties of the relevant officials are:

  • One official should check that the throw is legal and the other should check the position where the implement first hit the ground.
  • A numbered peg is inserted into the ground where the implement first hits the ground.
  • Two officials to manipulate the measuring tape and record the result.
  • Three rounds of throws are conducted with the best performance being measured and recorded.