The wearing of the correct uniform is a requirement for all competition meetings. Disqualification from competition is possible due to the incorrect uniform being worn. Singlets can be purchased from the canteen any competition night for $38.50. (Some sizes are available in previous seasons stock - still new for $20). 

GIRLS/BOYS weekly uniform
Black and purple Thornton Little Athletics singlet top with lightning bolt on sides with black shorts or bike pants and appropriate footwear.

The age patch is to be placed on the left-hand shoulder of the shirt. The Coles patch is to be placed on the right-hand shoulder of the shirt.

The athletes individual registration number is to be firmly attached to the front and centre of the shirt and to be clearly visible at all times.

REGISTRATION NUMBER, AGE PATCH AND COLES PATCH must be worn on all competition nights and at all carnivals for insurance eligibility reasons and every child must comply with this rule.

Those who do not comply may be ineligible to compete at competitions outside club events.